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Concrete Steps™ is a program we've designed to be helpful, practical, and informative. And whether you do it while you wait to see a psychologist or you do it concurrently with therapy, or even if you just do it as a refresher, this program will give you access to skills that will make a difference in your life. Now, all of what we discuss in these webinars are skills and information that regularly take place within therapy.

We are pleased to provide you free access to Module 1: What is mental health where we delve into what mental health looks like and what we can be optimistic about on our own mental health journeys, with some short sharp tips for you to implement straight away.


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All programs, training programs and education sessions are provided through our education and training arm Centre for Effective Serving and are based on you and your company doing ‘the work’ and implementing the training/consulting/education as required in order for you to achieve the result you require. Although our team may comprise of registered Psychologists in Australia, in any of the online programs, training, education and consulting sessions Centre for Effective Serving staff and contractors act in the capacity of a "Coach". Should you required clinical input please contact your local health care services or if in Australia contact the mental health help line 1800 011 511.

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