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Concrete Steps(TM)

Concrete Steps™ is a program we've designed to be helpful, practical, and informative. And whether you do it while you wait to see a psychologist or you do it concurrently with therapy, or even if you just do it as a refresher, this program will give you access to skills that will make a difference in your life. Now, all of what we discuss in these webinars are skills and information that regularly take place within therapy.

In Module 1: What is mental health: will cover background and grounding for all the rest of the sessions. In this series, we'll be delving into what mental health looks like and what we can be optimistic about on our own mental health journeys.

In Module 2: Unhelpful Thinking Style, we'll start to recognize some of the thinking patterns that we might fall into that can undermine us.

In Module 3: Self care and Sleeping, we'll look at some practical strategies for getting more sleep, feeling better about our diet and how these things can really improve our mental health.

In Module 4: Self Care and activity scheduling, we'll look at how we can understand the importance of making effort to live a more fulfilled life.

In Module 5: Anxiety management, we'll talk about some practical tips for taking control back from our worry.

In Module 6: Mindfulness, we'll learn about mindfulness and some other grounding techniques that can begin to help us feel present and engaged with what we're doing in our life.