Concrete Steps(TM)

Take control of your mental health through our guided online programme

Concrete Steps provides you with 6 vital steps in your mental health recovery without waiting to see a psychologist.

You will learn:

  • how to optimise your mental health
  • take charge of those negative thoughts
  • sleep and eat better
  • improve and stabilise your mood
  • develop skills to feel grounded when worried and overwhelmed
  • learn immediate emotional and stress relief skills. 

Designed to save you time in your therapy journey by taking care of the essential ingredients covered in the first sessions of seeing a psychologist. 

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Instalment Plan

All The Tools You Need To Gain Mental Health Momentum


Your mental health with immediate practical steps and strategies

Save time

By getting a head start on your mental health journey

Manage overwhelm

By getting our top strategies for calm and composure

Soothe anxiety

With our go to techniques

Sleep better

By learning concrete steps to improve your Zzzz

Your place, your time

All accessed from our online portal straight to you

Concrete Steps will give you practical coping skills.  It's a flexible way for you to access immediate strategies. It is affordable.  You get 6 sessions for the price of one. Time saving as you get a therapy head start. 

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